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 Standing with the US Tower that he installed at his QTH in Folsom, Louisiana is David Muller W5NPV. He uses a RMC-1000 Remote Controller for the tower and an M2 HC2800px antenna rotor.

Dave enjoys operating mostly 20-meters from his nicely equipped ham station, which includes a Yaesu 9000D xcvr and Tokyo HL-2.5fx amplifier. His HF antennas are fed via a Tokyo HC-1-1.5K antenna tuner and SEC 1235M power supply. On 2-meters he runs the Yaesu FT8800R xcvr. A Daiwa CN801 SWR meter and West Mountain Radio CLR speaker, to reduce hiss & white noise, round out his gear.

The HDX-589 crank-up, tilt-over tower is shown here about 105 feet in the air, with the 16-foot top mast loaded with an M2 2M9ssb/fm beam for VHF and the Optibeam OBW10-5 loop on HF. The HF dipole can also be seen about 2/3 up the tower in this photo.

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