Whether you are a new ham or an experienced old-timer, we hope your enjoyment
 of amateur radio will be enhanced through the activities and programs of SELARC.


The SOUTHEAST LOUISIANA AMATEUR RADIO CLUB, Inc. is registered in the State of 
Louisiana as a non-profit organization and has been serving amateur radio 
operators in the Florida parishes area for over forty years. Since its 
beginning in 1974, the club has attempted to meet the social, technical and 
operating interests of the members.        


Amateur radio is both a hobby and a public service. SELARC is active in 
supporting community agencies such as the American Red Cross and the Tangipahoa
Office of Homeland Security through the Amateur Radio Emergency Service. (ARES).  
Other community service activities include the Multiple Sclerosis Society bicycle tour 
in the Fall and the Louisiana Special Olympic Games in the Spring to provide our 
members the opportunity to enjoy operating amateur radio while serving the 
public good. In 2008, SELARC was named the "VOLUNTEER GROUP OF THE YEAR" by the
Louisiana Chapter of the National Multiple Sclerosis Association.
SELARC is proud to have partnered with Southeastern Louisiana University to
serve the university and community for over 30 years. Through our association
with the Tangipahoa Parish Office of Homeland Security, Project LION and 
Southeastern radio station KSLU-FM we have been an active component in the 
communications plans for Homeland Security and disaster management for local
and regional events including severe weather incidents, train derailments and evacuations.
You can find more information about SELARC on our web site at, 
or in the SELARC Constitution. 
To meet the needs of the membership, SELARC funds and operates three voice 
repeaters on 145.130, 147.000 and 444.250MHz. All of these stations operate under
 the club amateur radio call of WB5NET and require a 107.2 PL tone. We also provide digital
 communications through the packet repeaters (digipeaters) on 145.01MHz.
The annual Hammond Hamfest sponsored by SELARC provides social interaction with 
hams throughout the southeastern United States. It provides the major 
portion of the operating funds of the club, while at the same time bringing 
amateur radio dealers and computer exhibits to Hammond for "hands on" shopping 
and hosting educational sessions for improving our communications skills. 
Other activities such as Field Day, the Simulated Emergency Test and periodic 
ARES and emergency communicatons exercises provide opportunities to enjoy and improve 
your HF skills on voice or CW, as well as practical problem-solving in
antenna and power supply requirements. 


As officers and members, we hope you will enjoy your association with the 
SOUTHEAST LOUISIANA AMATEUR RADIO CLUB, Inc. and will be a contributing factor
to the growth and preservation of our exciting hobby! 


P.O. Box 1324
Hammond, LA 70404
Or you can e-mail us at