Southeast Louisiana Amateur Radio Club, Inc.


** Special Event Station K5R **

4th Anniversary of Hurricanes Katrina & Rita

Remembering those who suffered losses and all of the ham radio volunteers who assisted

in disaster and recovery activities!

 Thanks to Scott Hernandez KD5PCK and Jim Valega WB5LSH for the fine photography.

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SELARC Club Station --- Ponchatoula Community Center


Bob K5NDT enjoys one of the HF rigs on the air!


The K5R gang gathers outside before the rain.   From left to right:

Front row - Tyrone N5XES, Jason KC5WDH, James K5QNT

Back row - Scott KD5PCK, Susie KE5KMP, Brian KC5YRN, Carol KE5GOC, Bob WB5FBS

(not pictured - Jim WB5LSH and Kathryn N4USW)


James K5QNT and Carol KE5GOC taking a break!


Scott KD5PCK logs while Susie KE5KMP works some HF


Two Bobs (K5NDT and WB5FBS) are better than one!


Carol KE5GOC and Tyrone N5XES get some air time.


Here is a link to last year's event compiled by Mike Hernandez, KD5PCM - SK:

K5R Special Event Video


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