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SELARC Repeaters    
147.000- WB5NET PL 107.2/A/E
145.130- WB5NET  PL 107.2 
145.010 WB5NET HMU digipeater
444.250+ WB5NET  PL107.2

Club Net
Tangi ARES Net on Monday Nights at 8:30PM - 147.00MHz (-600) PL 107.2
SELARC meetings are held on the 2nd Tuesday of each month

* Club Meeting & Christmas Party !! *





Husser  Fire  Department

  56292 Highway 445, Husser, LA

Tuesday,  December  2nd,  at  7:00pm 

1625 Highway 51, just north of Barringer Rd

|  |

Peace on Earth ----- Good Will To Men!

Talk-in 147.00 (-600) w/107.2 Tone

Please note that this date is a week earlier than our usual club meeting night.


Contact SELARC officers at the email links below:

Vice President 

  James Valega, WB5LSH
Michael Ansalve, KF5JSO

David Catania, N5QOX
Robert Priez, WB5FBS

If you would like to become a member of SELARC or renew your membership, please print out and complete the application/renewal form and return it with your check to: P.O. Box 1324, Hammond LA 70404. Thanks!

Special Events, Hamfests & VE Sessions

W1AW/5 LA ARRL Centennial QSO Party operations from Louisiana November 26, 00:00Z through December 2, 23:59UTC (Tuesday Nov 25, 6:00 pm CST to Tuesday Dec 2, 5:59 pm CST). We invite LA hams to participate in this historic opportunity. Info at: 

Jackson County ARC Hamfest will be November 14-15 at the St. Martin Community Center in Biloxi, MS. More info contact

SELARC Christmas Party/Meeting will be at the Husser Fire Station on Tuesday, December 2nd with “pot luck” dishes and fun for all. Remember that this date is a week earlier than our usual club meeting night.

Hammond Hamfest 2015 sponsored by SELARC will be at the Magnuson Grand Hotel & Conference Center on Saturday, January 17, 2015. The 34th annual hamfest will be the same as last year (and still FREE admission) at 2000 S. Morrison Blvd. in Hammond, just off of Exit 28 from I-55. More info

Hammond VE Group - ARRL/W5YI tests are scheduled for the last Sunday of each month [with the exception of holiday conflicts] in Room "B" of the North Oaks Medical System Diagnostic Center at 2pm with $15 testing fee. Bring photo ID and any appropriate CSCE. For more information contact

In Honor of the Service and Sacrifice of All ...

A very special "Best Wishes and Thank You" to all of the members, past and present, of the Armed Forces for their service and sacrifice to this great nation. Let's remember them all as we celebrate and give thanks this Thanksgiving

Happy Birthday Wishes !

Birthday wishes this month go to Tom Grant W5PGS, Leslie Liuzza KE5ILT, Kathryn Martin N4USW, Manny Miyares WD5BJR and John Bankston KG5DVN. If we missed your birthday, please let us know about it!

Minutes of the SELARC Meeting of October 14th  (Ponchatoula Community Center)

The meeting was called to order at 7:01pm by President Jim Valega WB5LSH, who asked all present to introduce themselves and to continue to enjoy the pizza and refreshments as the meeting continued. Minutes of the September 9th meeting were accepted as published in the "Hamster" and Treasurer David Catania N5QOX presented the financial report, which included purchase of the 2015 Hamfest prizes. It was m/s/passed to accept the financial report as presented. Due to a previous commitment, President Jim passed the gavel to Vice-President Mike KF5JSO at 7:35pm to preside for the remainder of the meeting.

Attendance:  Bob WB5FBS, Ronald N5QVZ, Mike KF5JSO, Jim WB5LSH, David N5QOX, Ralph K5CAV, David W5NPV, Kathy KF5HEE, Al KF5IBW, James K5QNT, Carol KE5GOC, Francis KF5YNN, Jerry N5GKJ, Ken WB7NCW, Sandy W5TVW, Rudy N5YIC, Randy KG5BVM, David K4BHY, Keith W5KB, Jeff KF5TPX, Kathryn N4USW and Eddie Eichaker.

Committee Reports: REPEATER (Bob WB5FBS) – all operating OK now, although the 444.250 repeater is still experiencing problems with poor sensitivity and periodic noise. ARES (Bob WB5FBS) – The LA Simulated Emergency Test on Oct. 11th went very well, with Tangi ARES members from Ponchatoula, Hammond, Tickfaw, Independence, Loranger, Amite and Mt. Hermon participating. The local SET net was activated for an hour and 55 minutes with 18 stations on frequency and used  HF, VHF, and UHF voice, CW and digital modes to contact operations centers and amateur radio operators in St. Tammany, Washington, Orleans, Jefferson, Ascension and Iberville parishes, as well as the Louisiana GOHSEP, the state ARES HF net and central and northern Louisiana stations.

Old Business:  (1) New member applications of Carmen Bray KF5VXO, Joe Glorioso N5OZG,  John Bankson KG5DVN, Francis Minor KF5YNN, Dorothy Minor KF5YNM, David Oehler K4BHY and Randy Wesley KG5BVM were voted upon and approved. Welcome to SELARC! (2) Mike KF5JSO reminded all that the SELARC Christmas party at the Husser Fire Station will be on Tuesday, December 2nd with “pot luck” dishes and the “Dirty Santa” gift exchange. Remember that the date is a week earlier than our usual club meeting night. (3) David N5QOX reported on the Morse code class which will resume the first week of November. He encouraged all to continue working on CW.

New Business:  (1) Keith W5KB reported on the new FCC ruling that allows holders of expired ham licenses to regain those licenses which have expired and are beyond the expired license grace period. After taking and passing the Technician level exam, they will be granted credit for those elements which they held for the expired license. More info can be found at the FCC and ARRL websites or from your local VE team.

Round Robin and Announcements:   The meeting was adjourned at 8:07pm and those present did their best to finish off the pizza!

For Sale…

1)AMERITRON HF Amp, 160-10m, 600 watts solid state, no tone, Model ALS-600; with linear power supply ALS-600PS. Has factory module with Ameritron ARI-500 amp/radio Interface and RS45 cables. Mint Condition with manuals, $1,000 FIRM.
2)HEATHKIT HF amp, Model SB-200 600watt 80-10m, with new matching tubes, new HV power supply caps and operating manual, wired for 240VAC, $350
3)HEATHKIT HF amp, Model SB-220 1,000watts with Eimac 3-500 tubes with manual, wired for 240VAC, $550
4)KENWOOD HF 160-10m transceiver, Model TS-530S with MC-50 desk mike, digital freq display, Kenwood external speaker with audio filter, Model SP230, and Kenwood external VFO, Model 240 with manuals, $350
    –   all 4 of these items from SELARC member Larry Rogers WD5HLE at 225-485-8672

LA ARES Simulated Emergency Test & ARES/MARS INTEROP Exercise –

Thanks to all of the participants in the 2014 SET that took place on Saturday, Oct. 11th.  A report on it is found in this issue as part of the ARES report presented by Tangipahoa EC Bob Priez WB5FBS at the October 14th SELARC meeting.  On October 27th, our Tangipahoa ARES members also participated in the Military Auxiliary Radio Service (MARS) exercise to test the ability of MARS and ARES operators to make contacts on the ham bands. Our local Tangi ARES net was activated on Monday evening at 8pm local time as part of the INTEROP exercise. The local net resulted in contacts with 9 parishes and 5 ARES Regions (1,2,3, 6 & 9). Check-ins included 20 ARES members, 1 MARS station and 14 non-ARES stations with contacts and traffic being passed on VHF and HF phone frequencies as well as VHF packet.

SELARC on Facebook...

If you like Facebook, then you can "like" SELARC at !! (Thanks to Scott KD5PCK for making that possible)

TWO Free On-Line License Exam Review/Practice Sites Available –

The ARRL has launched a new online resource that allows users to take randomly generated practice exams using questions from the actual examination question pool. The ARRL Exam Review for Ham Radio ( ) is free, and users do not need to be ARRL members. The only requirement is that users must first set up a site login (this is a different and separate login from your ARRL website user registration).

Hamilton Carter KD0FNR (at ) has written a set of free online FCC ham radio license exam practice tests with randomly generated practice exams for all three license classes in the U.S. as well as for the Canadian and New Zealand ham radio exams. Users can track their test scores, as well as a count of how many of the question pool questions they’ve practiced over time.  Online help topics are provided for many of the exam questions.

News from the ARRL

==> ARRL Website Will Be Unavailable on November 7 Starting at 2100 UTC - The ARRL website is scheduled to be offline on Friday, November 7, starting at 2100 UTC. The length of the outage could run for several hours and possibly into Saturday, November 8. The ARRL IT Department will be performing maintenance and testing in the process of switching the site to a new server.

 ==> Amateur Radio Satellite Payloads Lost in Antares Launch Explosion - The RACE and GOMX-2 CubeSats were among more than 2 dozen satellites  lost after an unmanned Orbital Space Sciences (OSC) Antares 130 vehicle exploded spectacularly shortly after launch at 2222 UTC on Tuesday, October 28,  from the Mid-Atlantic Regional Spaceport on Wallops Island on Virginia’s Eastern  Shore. Both satellite packages carried Amateur Radio payloads. The rocket exploded about 6 seconds after launch, sending a huge ball of fire hurtling toward the ground, which set a massive fire at the NASA launch site. The RACE (Radiometer Atmospheric Cubesat Experiment) CubeSat was a joint  project between The Texas Spacecraft Laboratory (TSL) at the University of Texas-Austin and NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL). Built by a 30-student team, it carried a 183 GHz radiometer, a new science instrument designed by JPL. The spacecraft was equipped to transmit using GMSK at 38.4 k and CW telemetry on a downlink frequency of 437.525 MHz. The 2U GOMX-2 CubeSat was intended to test a de-orbit system designed by Aalborg University in Denmark. The Amateur Radio payload proposed using a 9.6 k MSK data downlink on 437.250MHz.  The Antares 130 launcher was on a resupply mission, carrying some 5000 pounds of cargo to the International Space Station.

 ==> ARRL Asks FCC to Continue Issuing Hard Copy Licenses to Those Who Want Them - In comments filed November 5, the ARRL has recommended that the FCC continue to provide paper license documents to Amateur Radio licensees who want them. The League's remarks were in response to an FCC Public Notice (in WT Docket 14-161) that proposed to cease the routine issuance of hard-copy license documents to all Wireless Service licensees, including radio amateurs. While having a paper license document from the FCC to post on the wall of the ham shack has been a tradition, the Commission for several years has considered the "official" Amateur Radio license to be the virtual document residing in its Universal Licensing System (ULS) database. Under the FCC-proposed process, once a license application is granted, the ULS will generate an official electronic license but will no longer mail a hard copy license unless notified that the licensee wishes to receive an official paper license document. Until new procedures are final, however, the Commission will continue to print and mail official paper licenses, unless notified to stop.

 ==>KP1-5 Project Gets Permission to Activate Navassa Island (KP1) in January 2015 - The KP1-5 Project has received word from the US Fish & Wildlife Service (USFWS) that it may activate Navassa Island (KP1) in January 2015. The DXpedition, using the call sign K1N, will be a maximum of 14 days, and exact dates will be determined by USFWS mission requirements and weather windows.  As the announcement explained, January is the month of minimum bird nesting activity, and the USFWS had asked that the operation be completed during that month. Weather is unpredictable in January, however, and because Navassa is surrounded by cliffs, a safe landing by boat would be difficult or impossible

==>Indonesia's new national leaders are both Amateur Radio licensees -.President Joko "Jokowi" Widodo, YD2JKW, holds a General class license. Vice President Jusuf Kalla, YC8HYK, is an Advanced class licensee.  Elected in July, Jokowi, 53, and Kalla, 72, were inaugurated on October 20 in Jakarta. Indonesia is the world's third-largest democracy, with a population of approximately 250 million. Secretary of State John Kerry represented the US at the inauguration and met with the new president afterwards. Jokowi previously served as Governor of Jakarta and as Mayor of Surakarta.

==>FCC Turns Down Petition to Create a 4 Meter Band in the US - It doesn't look like US radio amateurs will be gaining a new band at 70 MHz anytime soon. The FCC has denied a Petition for Rule Making filed earlier this year by Glen E. Zook, K9STH, of Richardson, Texas, seeking to add a 4 meter band to Amateur Radio's inventory of VHF allocations. Zook had floated the proposal in 2010, and his petition was dated January 27, 2010, but the FCC said it did not receive it until last May. Zook asked the Commission to allocate 70.0 to 70.5 MHz to Amateur Radio because, Zook's Petition asserted, "the recent migration of broadcast television stations to primarily UHF frequencies basically eliminates any probable interference to television channels 4 or 5." VHF TV channel 4 occupies 66 to 72 MHz. The FCC pointed out that three full-power TV stations, 110 low-power TV stations and translators, and six Class A TV stations now occupy channel 4 in the US. In addition, the Commission, through an "ongoing incentive auction proceeding," is attempting to "repurpose" a portion of television broadcast spectrum for broadband operations and "repack the remaining TV stations into a smaller frequency range." Under certain scenarios, the FCC said, channel 4 could become even more heavily populated by broadcast users in the future.

 --The ARRL Letter and The American Radio Relay League

SELARC 2014 Membership

Members Listed by Callsign
Call   Last Name    First Name
---------  ------------    ---------------
AC5LH  Yenni Jr, Salvador
AE5FK  Swan, George

K4BHY  Oehler, David
K5AZU  May, Ray
K5CAV  Shaw, Ralph
K5FMM  Mayer, Fred
K5QNT  Redmond Jr., James

KA5LLJ Simmons, Bruce
KB5SKW Borstel, Bill
KC4LOS Hunter, Jason
KC5IJF Sale, Benjamin
KC5WDH Liuzza, Jason

KD5GUQ Labat, Jerome
KD5OLG Castello, J. Henry
KD5PCK Hernandez, Scott
KD5PKS Clark, Forrest
KD5WWJ Manning, Harvey

KE5GOC Redmond, Carol
KE5NG  Faurie, Patti

KF5HEE Eichaker, Katherine
KF5IBW Baker, Albert
KF5JSO Ansalve, Michael 
KF5TPX Henkel, Jeff
KF5TQT Cutrer, Ricky
KF5UHM Nieto, Ken
KF5VLX Samrow, Keith
KF5VXO Bray, Carmen
KF5YNM Minor, Dorothy
KF5YNN Minor, Francis

KG5AAE Melancon, Dean
KG5BVM Wesley, Randy
KG5DVN Bankston, John

N4USW  Martin, Kathryn
N5GKJ  Burg, Jerry
N5HAY  Simpson, Tom
N5OQT  Wiginton, Louis
N5OZG  Glorioso, Joe
N5QOX  Catania, David
N5QVZ  Newcombe, Ronald
N5RYI  Sarrat, Walter 
N5XES  Burns, Tyrone
N5XVJ  Stang, Jack

W5ESV  Vance, Edward
W5IC   Boudreaux, Gerry
W5NJJ  Olivier, Jerry
W5NON  Fowler, Addison
W5NPV  Muller, David
W5PGS  Grant, Tom
W5TVW  Blaize, Sandy

WA5RRN Fischer, Chris

WB5ERM Liuzza, Peter
WB5FBS Priez, Robert
WB5LSH Valega, James 
WB7NCW Brown, Kennith
WD5BJR Miyares, Manuel
WD5CZJ Lecompte, Vincent
WD5HLE Rogers, Larry
WX5RN  Lacey, Mark


Stay Radio Active - See you at the Meeting!


SELARC is proud to have partnered with Southeastern Louisiana University to serve the university and community for over 35 years. Through our association with the Tangipahoa parish Office of Homeland Security, Project LION and Southeastern radio station KSLU-FM we have been an active component in the communications plans for Homeland security and disaster management for local and regional events including severe weather incidents, train derailments, and evacuations. The campus amateur radio station located in the facilities of KSLU is an integral part of radio communications for campus emergency management.


When you are ready drop us a line:

P.O.Box 1324
Hammond, LA 70404

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